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We are a team of clinical psychologists, program developers, educators, filmmakers and storytellers. Using our collective expertise, we create cutting-edge well-being programs using documentary films to engage and upskill students, parents and teachers in a way that has never been done before.

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Founded by Dr. Hayley Watson

Hi, my name is Dr Hayley Watson. I’m a clinical psychologist with a PhD in school bullying interventions, and 15 years of experience developing and delivering school well-being programs.

When I was 2 years old, my house was bombed with dynamite. Every few months for a year and a half.

Here’s my story…

Dr. Hayley Watson

Trusted by Teachers

Craig ODell – Physical Ed Teacher

Hope Lutheran Christan School

"This program was really simple to use, and it covered all the core competencies that we needed to cover. It gave me the tools so that I felt more comfortable and confident to tackle these important conversations with my students. The students were able to express their appreciation for each other and they even started apologising for things they realised were hurting others. I’m really looking forward to using the program again next year!"

Erinn Riley – Grade 6/7 Teacher

Clayton Elementary

"If things came up that were unanticipated in the day to day, we could jump to certain lessons and break down the topics, like friendships or relationships. It was great to have the flexibility to move between the topics based on what was happening in the school, and the community...It made it so easy to have the structure to start these conversations. "

Tony Sodaro – Career Life Teacher

Kelowna Secondary School

"I was knocked over by a hug at the end of the year from a grade 11 student in my Career Life program...he was so thankful that he had this outlet that allowed him to be a leader in our school...and he wanted to let me know what a great thing the Open parachute Program was for him. That's probably the thing that I'm most proud of!"

Well-being should be a right not a privilege. Every student deserves to learn skills that will help them reach their fullest potential.

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